Buyers may cancel purchases at any time before the Product status is in “Processing”. Once the purchased Product is in “Processing” status, cancellation will be subject to Seller Member’s approval and GoHippo Member’s Policies.

In the event that there is any disagreement between the Seller Members and GoHippo regarding this matter, the Policies shall PREVAIL.

Exchange, Return, and Refund

Buyers may request for the return, exchange or refund of the Product at any time within 1 (one) day from the date of receival, which refers to the particular item courier tracking. Buyer is not allowed to return or exchange any Products, UNLESS the Product is defective, or was wrongly delivered.

Request for returns and refunds shall be supported with relevant documents, such as:

  1. Consignment note of the particular item courier tracking.
  2. Images of defective products that clearly shows the defects in original, unsealed packaging.
  3. Images of unopened parcel that shows its condition upon delivery.
  4. Images of opened parcel with packaged products contained within.

With respect to a return-related matters, the relevant Regulations and Policies shall PREVAIL over the terms and conditions suggested by the Seller Member. After receiving returns-exchange requests from buyers, Seller Members must respond by expressing in writing either approval or denial within 1 (one) day to the Buyer and/or GoHippo. Should the Seller Members fail to do so, GoHippo may assume that the Seller Member has accepted to the Buyer’s request and shall automatically proceed with the refunds/exchange.

Once the request for returns-exchange has been followed up by the Seller Member and the Seller Member have received the Products returned by the Buyer, Seller Members may postpone returns exchange if there is a need to check for any delivery fee settlement from the Buyer or, whether free gift has been returned, and should there be a justifiable reason, Seller Member may reject returns. Upon this request, GoHippo’s Customer Service center shall confirm the situation with the Seller Members and proceeds towards carrying out suitable actions for refunds in accordance with applicable and specific Policies that are relevant except in the case where the Seller Member wishes to dispute Buyer’s return of the Products and request for, refunds, or exchanges, GoHippo may postpone refunds if Seller Members request to postpone refunds by providing evidence on suitable reason.

If the buyer sends the Product for returns to GoHippo due to good causing and if delivery to the designated recipient is impossible including but not limited to loss of contact with Seller Member, the Buyer shall notify GoHippo Seller Members to pick-up the Product up within 5 (five) business days.

If Seller Members do not respond within 5 (five) business days, GoHippo may permanently dispose the corresponding Product . Should there be any fault or any safety concerns with the Product, GoHippo shall require the Seller Members to recall its entire stock and to exchange, refund, and all costs shall be borne by the Seller Member.

Returns and refunds costs shall be borne out by the party attributable to the returns request, such as:

  1. Buyer, where the return is due to his / her change of mind and
  2. Seller Member, where the return is due to the defect in the Product, delivery delay by Seller, and / or delivery of the wrong or different product.

For exchange of the Product (s) due to defects in the Product or if the wrong / different Product was sent to the Buyer, the Buyer must return the Product to the Seller Members. The Seller Members must deliver the replacement Product to the Buyer after the Seller receives Member Reviews such defect or wrong product from the Buyer. Seller Member is obligated to use shipping company under GoHippo’s selection, that provides tracking system and Seller Members must inform the tracking number to GoHippo.